Talking about painting and music with Gustavo Silva Núñez

His first painting horrified his school teacher, from his youth plays drums, his father is the main reference that has as an artist, not long ago he starred a viral content on the Internet and has more than 50 thousand likes on Facebook. A few months ago I published the news that circulated around the world The stunning hyperrealistic paintings by Venezuelan artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez. Now I had the chance to do an interview with the artist from Valencia, a city located at west of the capital.


Karen: what was your first painting?

“I remember my first painting was in third grade in the school, I did it in my math’s notebook. It was a childbirth scene in a operating room. The woman lying down with the sheets, her legs open, the doctor receiving the baby, assisting nurses, etc. I painted many details. When my teacher saw it, she called my father and ask him to go to the school to speak with them, because it wasn’t “normal” that a child would paint something like that (laughs). But it really was very normal for me, my dad is a doctor and I used to see his medical books since I was little. Also I was never really interested in math. It was a very boring class.”


Gustavo mentions his father Jose Laurencio Silva as his main painting reference, also as well as Rembrandt and Gottfried Helnwein.


Karen: You’re considered and known as a hyperrealist painter. Have you thought about venturing into another stream or  expect to consecrate only in global hyperrealism?

“I am actually into hyperrealism and I think I will continue to be for a while because I would like to improve my technique, but I am very interested in the future learning and understanding of the abstract.”


Karen: Which artwork do you wish was yours?

“The famous “Christ of Saint John of the Cross” from the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, the original perspective and technical skills of this painting are amazing.”

I ask Gustavo if he could make a living relying only on his art and he said “living comes from the satisfaction you fell when you give the best of yourself, because you enjoy what your doing.” I continued asking about how can the people interested in his art, get one of his pieces, to which he replied that his paintings aren’t very accessible for everyone but are available for those attending the exhibitions he does in Venezuela and around the world.

His weapons are brushes and drumsticks


Karen: In an interview you said: “Art is the most intimate way of expression” and that you show that “sentimental” and “curious” side we all human beings, through painting and music. Until now we know about your paintings but what about your music? Can you tell us a bit about it?

“People think I am a painter (and yes, I’ve been painting every day of my life) but I really consider myself as a musician-drummer, which is the instrument I play. I have dedicated much of my life to music, with my old band “Soulmachine” I did presentations in Venezuela, United States and Mexico, with two studio albums and now with “Punky Brewsters” with two EP study. Personally, I like to listen to music while I paint and as a music lover I have a broad taste for it. Music is very important in my life.”


Karen: If I asked you to paint your life so far. How would this painting?

“A huge blank canvas. That would be it.”


Today his name travels the world

It is an honor for me to be on the same land as Gustavo, a talented Venezuelan artist who has conquered with his paintings elsewhere, which shows an exalted level of detail, technical virtuosity that use to express his great sensitivity. It has given him numerous awards. A passionate man for the arts, that with music and color has humanised important stages and exhibitions.

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